Tourism and Hospitality

What do you need to succeed in the business world? It takes more than just qualifications. It takes an entrepreneurial spirit and a determination to be successful. It takes leadership, critical analysis and an understanding of global business principals. At St George’s we have delivered and developed our business courses alongside the ever-changing business world.

This foundation programme in Tourism and Hospitality is the excellent entrance step into the hospitality industries. Embarking on this qualification will enable students to establish an understanding of these two industries and the essential skills required to progress into a wide array of careers within.

The St George’s foundation programme has everything you need to take you from the classroom to careers such as Events Management; Hotel Management; Tourism Management and many more…

St George’s university foundation diplomas have an excellent track record, with a 100% pass rate for more than 5 years and a 100% university entrance rate for our graduates.

Course Aims

This course is intended to develop a breadth of business knowledge in relation to these two dynamic industries. Students who graduate from this programme will be well equipped with an array of business skills and industry focused knowledge that will enable them to deal with current and emerging business functions through a magnitude of business environments. It is the aim of St George’s to provide students with the foundations for success, to enable them to go out, get ahead and make their mark in the business world.

Course Structure

  • Module One: Human Resources Management
  • Module Two: Hospitality Industries
  • Module Three: Operations Management for Tourism and Hospitality
  • Module Four: Marketing and Customer Relationship Management
  • Module Five: Project

Certificate obtained

Foundation Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality