Business Ready Programme

Give yourself the edge…

We all know the difference the extras can make to something. Whether it’s a fine wine to accompany a meal, a luxury car with the highest specifications or a hotel with spa, golf course and the 4 poster bed, it’s the added extras that turn the ordinary into something extra ordinary…

The same applies to you, and at St George’s we are committed to offering you a wide range of extra opportunities to build your portfolio of experiences, see your studies in real-life action and begin the all-important task of networking and laying the foundations of your future success.

When your CV hits the desk of a university admissions office or the office of the company you want to join, you have to have more than qualifications to make the difference between you and the competition!

These extra opportunities are all optional and are designed to complement your studies and give you further insight into the field you want to enter. They are offered at an additional cost to the course fees and are subject to the availability of the third party providers. Students must demonstrate that they are making satisfactory progress in the classroom to be eligible for these elective courses that range from an hour with a Business Mentor to a week-long course at the London Academy of Trading where students take to the floors of the London Stock Exchange and sit the Bloomberg test at the end of the week.

Work experience placements are also available and our aim at St George’s is to support every student to find their passion and a career that enables them to shine.

*All supplementary courses are charged in addition to the course fees and are optional to students. As these courses are run by third party providers; they are subject to their terms and conditions.