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Assessment days are rewarding, a time to see progress

We like to ensure that all our students have fun when learning at St Georges, although, sometimes this can be tough due to the subject matter or because there is an exam looming on the horizon.

Today was a fairly tough day for the IELTS students, as it was their first full practice test. As the students filed into the ‘exam’ room the tension could be felt. Our class room was set up like and exam and no one could take in their bags.

The IELTS test is split in to four sections, the first part being listening. The room fell completely silent, which, if I am honest, is very unusual for this class. The instructions were given and play was pressed, and the first part of the exam started, the students soon got into the swing of the exam and they started to look more comfortable.

Reading and writing came next, the students had to read three different passages and answer fifty questions in an hour. The highlighters came out and they were quickly marking the ‘key’ words and answering the questions. I think I even heard a sigh of relief that all the hard work and practicing had paid off.

Writing is the nemesis of this group of IELTS students, with two tasks to complete in an hour there was a real sense of nervous anticipation in the air. Once the stop watch had started and the pens came out you could see the concentration on the students faces, remembering all the strategies they had learned on; how to structure an essay, what the important parts are, keeping the thread and spellings!

Right at the end of the day the students had the speaking part of the test. Mike, a colleague, took the lead on this and was quite excited to do it. The students went in one by one and were asked a series of questions, some were easier than others but I understand Mike made them all feel at ease and they came out of the exam room smiling, which is always a good sign.

My evening was spent marking the tests and I am happy to say that all of the students surpassed their own expectations. They are now practicing even harder as some of the students will be taking the actual test in February. I have every confidence that they will gain the grades they want.

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