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Learning doesn't just happen in a Classroom...

Keeping learning fun is key to intrinsic motivation, here's a recap from one of our teachers.

At St Georges College, we believe that learning should not just take place in the classroom. So, last week the intermediate learners had a cultural field trip to Brighton.

After the students arrived at the station, the first English task of the day, they had to ask for return, group tickets to Brighton along with getting a train timetable and organising the group.

Once we had arrived in Brighton the day could begin. Karla, a student from Honduras, took the lead in making sure everyone was together and deciding on the route to the Royal Pavilion. We walked through The Laines which have an interesting mix of shops, cafes and people. Many photos were taken and there was lots of laughing, the students were really bonding with each other. It’s so nice to see a student from Syria being great friends with student from Brazil, helping each other, explaining language and just generally having a great time.

Although the day was very cold the sun was shining brightly, which made for a super fun experience. One of our students Alvero, from Brazil, was really feeling the cold so another English task, buying a hat for a good price. The whole class got involved in choosing and paying for the hat was a real live lesson for them all, as well as it being great fun.

To get out of the cold a nice hot chocolate was called for; sitting around the table the plan was set for the afternoon, once we were all warmed up the group set off for the next part of the adventure. We went to the Royal Pavilion which is incredible, next English task was to ask people about the Pavilion what was it used for, how much did it cost, how old is it? The questions were endless and the students were fascinated by it and loved speaking to new people and realising how much their confidence and speaking grown in only a few weeks.

Sean, from Germany, saw a sign for ice skating and the decision was made to try it out. Neal, from Syria, Allays, from Brazil and, Karla took up the challenge. The end result was hysterical as they had not been on the ice before so there was lots of falling over, laughing and holding on to hand rails, generally having an amazing time. With Neal getting a bit brave and letting go of the hand rail a four year whizzed passed him, Neal once again fell over… with that the skaters decided that they had got enough bruises and let the ice.

After an adventure filled day of speaking, listening, skating and socialising we all got the train back to Hastings. Although the students were tired the laughter continued on the train reliving some the funny things that had happened and sharing photos. This group of students even created their own WhatsApp group so they can stay in contact with each other.

For me, as their teacher, it’s incredible to see a group of people who have known each other for a couple of weeks become such good and true friends. They don’t leave anyone out; they support, help and advise each other not just with English but their stay in Hastings.

At St Georges you learn a lot more than ‘just’ English, your confidence grows and you get to make life long friends.

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