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Confidence - the key to effective language learning

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

It's a common experience - the uncomfortable moment when overseas, you need use the skills, vocab and practice from a classroom and ask a question or order something in a foreign language. Suddenly a sense of insecurity kicks in, no longer are you the confident language learner you once thought you were, in the classroom. Instead, you worry about how you accent is going to sound, questioning if what you say will be understood, are they going to laugh or be helpful?

Language learners can experience an inner self-doubt about their ability that hold their progress hostage. But it doesn’t have to be this way....

"3 weeks ago I arrived here, being shy and could speak a lot. Yesterday a Brazilian man who doesn’t speak English was here and I realise that I was translating a conversation between us and the owner of the school" Elias, from Brazil

At St. George’s we understand the effect this can have and encourage all our students get out of their comfort zone as soon as possible. We focus on building learners confidence - we get stuck in to real life situations, away from the classroom with people who aren’t teachers. We support our students’ confidence building journeys, which unlocks their learning potential.

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