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5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Hastings, UK

When looking to study abroad make sure you consider all your options, if Hastings isn’t on your list - now is the time to add it!

For many English people, Hastings is place we all learned about as children and the famous Battle of Hastings in 1066. Fast-forward to 2019, Hastings is making its name as a Top UK Destination, welcoming new residents from London, Brighton, France and further afield – Why, you might ask?

Hastings is fast becoming a cultural hub attracting people from all walks of life and social settings.

1. Culture

Immersed throughout the town art studios, restaurants and cafes, and boutique shops are opening faster than ever. In the evenings, there is at least one Live Music Venue open and full every night of the year! Hastings has been featured on TV and in national press for the hidden culinary gems dotted around the town. Each year, the town is home to the impressive Hasting Beer and Wine Festival, with local and national musicians playing to a packed-out crowd for three days. As you can imagine It has not taken long for Hastings to attract new and established artists, who have been opening galleries and studios at an alarming rate, including the contemporary Jerwood Art Gallery. Hastings is also home to the Crazy Golf World Championship – yes, there’s a world championship for crazy golf!

2. Very British Traditions

Throughout the year Hastings hosts unique and quirky traditions and festivities that make it undeniably British. The people of Hastings like a good party, which explains the number of festivities throughout the year giving people an excuse to dress up, one of the most notable is the Jack in the Green Festival where the entire town dress in Green, burning an effigy, processing throughout the town and dancing late into the night. Later in the summer the town pays homage to their Pirate Smuggling Heritage, with the town and 100,000 visitors dressing up as pirates to celebrate Pirate Day (Hastings still holds the record for most people dressed as pirates)

3. People

As well as having a depth of culture and unique yet quirky traditions, Hastings has been home for and to many famous and notable people of interest; the Duke of Wellington, famed for his military campaigns, the invention of the TV, birthplace of motor racing, Charles Darwin, and Alan Turing are but a few of our historical alumni. A - List Celebrities have become regular visitors to nearby Rye snapping up property and escaping the hustle and bustle. One of the key factors that gives Hastings it’s seaside charm our the locals, friendly, welcoming and eccentric always ready and waiting for the next community festivity.

4. Location

The bubble in the cities are about to burst, the more forward-thinking people see Hastings as their new home due in part to the fantastic blue flag beaches, and excellent direct transport links to Central London (under 90mins) and Brighton (50mins). The town is surrounded by Areas of Natural Beauty with a country park spanning 853 acres of historic nature along the British coast.

5. History

Hastings secured its name in the History books in 1066 when French king William the Conqueror invaded England. Not only did he successful bring his troops over the English Channel, but also Norman French, which became the language of England’s courts, government and upper class for many, many centuries. So if you are looking to come to the UK to learn English, there is no better place to come then where it all started – Hastings!

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