Why study at St. George's 

The country-side retreat close to London supporting all levels.

St. George's is a place that allows students to study English whilst having fun. Close to London and other major UK Cities, St. George's is located in the up and coming sea-side town of Hastings. Due to the secluded town center campus students can study in peace with attentive and supportive teachers, whilst having a multitude of options for activities, art and culture. 

St George's Offers...

  • Safe Location 

  • On-site residence

  • Town Center Campus

  • Regular Trips and Excursions

  • Free WiFi 

  • Regular Tutorials and PAC Report

  • Full Evening and Weekend Activities

  • 24/7 On-site Student Service

  • Experienced Native English Teachers

  • Experienced Activities Staff 

  • Town Center Campus

  • Mix and Match Accommodation 

  • Cambridge Exam Courses

  • University Trips 

  • Study Skills and Study Support

  • Over 20 years of experience of success

All levels Welcome

Students of all levels are welcome and our experienced and qualified staff will make sure that you are placed in the right classes so that you can progress at your own pace. Regular PAC Reporting will indicate how each student is progress and determine when to move up a level. 

PAC Report

The Academic team closley monitors each student's progression in Performance, Attainment and Confidence to encourage student progression and motivation. 

Placement Test 

On arrival each student will complete a placement assessment to identify levels and areas of focus so that the teachers can make the most impact on each student

Questions about St. George's?

Contact the admissions team to help answer any questions