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General English 

General English Course

The General English course is designed to give students a solid foundation in verbal, listening and written skills. Students can advance to the IELTS course when they are ready or take the course as a stand-alone programme.


An interactive 15 or 20hr per week programme including the four main skills of listening, reading writing and speaking as well as grammar analysis, vocabulary and cultural awareness.  Students have regular progress test that assess 1 or 2 key skills per week, the results are recorded and used to inform the bi-monthly progress reports

Conversation Corner

As a key part of the course and designed for students to become more fluent. The lessons is sometimes conducted in 'live' situations, for instance going out for coffee as a group; thus enabling the students to speak with people outside of the college and in situations where they have to make themselevs understood.

Life in Britain

This is a weekly module in the General English class,as the college has students from all over the globe and from many different cultures, it is important that the students have an understanding of British Culture. These modules could be " How we greet each other" or "respect for the individual". 

Hours: 15 or 20/week

Class Size: 15 (Max)

Small classes allow our teachers to provide a more personalised lesson

Choose from a General or Intensive. All courses include 1:1 Tutorial every two weeks. 

Enrolment: Each Monday

Continuous weekly enrolment each Monday for new students, who will be buddy up with a current student

Entry Requirements: No

We are able to accept all levels of ability and students will be placed in appropriate classes based on their initial assessment on their first day.

Enhance your English

If you are looking to make greater progress in your language skills, why not combine our General English and IELTS Preparation Courses to give you the opportunity to meet your goals, whilst broadening your English Language learning with teachers who will give you bespoke progression plans. 

General English

A broad foundation of English Language learning in a fun, interactive environment 

IELTS Preparation

Specific skills learning that is strategy based to ensure a full understanding of your skills.


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