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At St Georges we aim to provide the best possible experience for learners on all our courses. This includes the University Foundation Courses, and the range of English courses at the College year-round and courses during the Easter and Summer holidays

We recognise that there may be times when you are not happy with the service and wish to make a complaint about: 

  • our policies and procedures (available on the website); or 

  • our programmes (academic, accommodation, activities, welfare); or 

  • the people at St Georges (the members of staff or your fellow students). 

(Please note: if you are under 18 years of age your parents or your agent may be involved at any stage of the discussions.) 

What to do if you have a complaint 

We need to know as soon as possible if there is any cause for dissatisfaction. We recognise that a difficulty which is not resolved quickly and fairly can soon become a cause of resentment, which would be damaging to relationships and also to the College’s culture and reputation. 

Parents and students should never feel (or be made to feel) that a complaint will be taken amiss or will adversely affect a pupil or his / her opportunities at the College.  The policy, however, distinguishes between a concern or difficulty which can be resolved informally and a formal complaint which will require investigation. 

This policy relates to parental complaints about the operation of the College in general or some aspect of a Student education in particular. It does not apply to: 

  • Child Protection

  • Collective Worship

  • Freedom of Information Access

  • The College’s curriculums

  • Pupil Exclusions

  • School Admissions

  • Serious complaints or allegations relating to the abuse of children, assault, criminal or financial matters.

  • Services provided by other organisations on the College site or through the College

  • Sex Education

  • Special Educational Needs assessment and statementing procedure 

Reasons why a complaint would be deemed to fall outside this policy: 

(i)  The matter raised is substantially a repeat of previous complaint which has been addressed by the College; 

(ii)  The matter relates to events which occurred more than three calendar months before the date when the complaint was received by the College or the Student has left the college, unless good reason can be shown as to why the matter could not have been raised earlier. 

(iii)  The complaint is vexatious or frivolous. 

(iv)  The complaint relates to a matter over which the College has no jurisdiction or authority over the persons involved

Stage  1 (informal complaints)
Tell a member of staff about your question or complaint immediately so that we can begin to solve it in a friendly and effective manner. 

  • If it is an academic matter, speak to your teacher or the Director of Studies. 

  • If it is a non-academic matter, speak to the House Manager 

The Director of Studies or House manager will investigate the circumstances informally and, where possible, find a solution to the problem. 


Stage 2 (formal complaints)

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of stage 1 or the nature of complaint is such that you do not want to deal with the matter informally, write to the Principal of the College. (Your parents or agent may help you to write this letter). The Principal  or one of the Directors will investigate the complaint again and confirm the decision in writing within 28 days. 


Stage 3 
If you are still not satisfied with our decision, contact one of the organisations that accredits courses at St Georges under the Accreditation UK Scheme; the Independent Schools Inspectorate for Private Further Education; or the British Council.

  • The official accrediting organisation will try to help you and the college to reach an agreement. 

  • If this fails, you may take your case to the Ombudsman (an independent judge) who will make a decision which both you and the college must accept. 


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