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Buckswood Health Service

The Health Team is made up of trained nurses, supported by health assistants and an administrator. Our aim is to enable students to remain as healthy as possible and support them when they are unwell whilst at College. The nurses have a wide range of experience and will usually be able to help a student without needing to consult with a doctor. However, they liaise closely with the GP surgery and will, at their discretion, either consult with them by telephone or arrange an appointment for a student to be seen.


Student are encouraged to arrange routine dental and eye care at home when on holiday. However, in the case of an emergency, appointments with local dentists and opticians can be arranged (although there may be a charge for treatment and we will need specific consent from parents). Orthodontists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropodists, and Reflexologists can also be accessed once parents have consented to treatment. We will always seek your written consent before arranging any appointments that is not covered through the NHS.


Our Health Philosophy

When students stay with us at St George’s, our biggest priority is their health and well-being. As a health team, we liaise closely with the house staff to ensure that students remain as healthy as possible whilst with us. Our aim is to enable students to be well enough to be in College. However when there are clinical reasons for them to be off College, they are given a leave to stay with us at BHS, or to be in their room if appropriate.


When can students see us?

Students are encouraged not to miss lessons, unless it is an emergency. They are able to see us before College (from 7.15am), morning break, lunch time and afternoon break. If a student comes when they should be in lessons, then we will quickly assess their need and, if appropriate, ask them to return at break time. We all want students to achieve the best they can and so we don’t want them to miss lessons, unless necessary.


What we need from you.

Please complete the College medical forms as soon as possible, preferably before your student arrives at College. These ensure we know about any allergies or illnesses your student may have, as well as vaccination details. They also give us your consent for us to treat them. If we do not receive this information, it puts your student at risk and we will not be able to look after them, unless it is an emergency.


These can be found in the Student’s starter pack. If you need another form to complete, please let us know by emailing: nurse@buckswood.co.uk and we will send you another one.



We give students appropriate medication for common illnesses, such as colds; coughs; viral infections; sore throats; stomach aches etc. We use medicines that are readily available over the counter in the UK and work within Homely Medicine Policy. If necessary we will liaise with the GP, who may prescribe other medication such as antibiotics.


We ask that students do not bring medicines or supplements to College, as we will provide them with what they need. However, if they do need to take regular medicines for a diagnosed illness, then it is absolutely vital that we have accurate health information.


If they are on regular medication, then please let us know (in English)

  • Name of medication
  • Dosage
  • Why is it taken?
  • Any possible side effects
  • Are there any medicines that should not be taken at the same time (Contraindications)?


Any medicines not recorded on the medical form, with the above details, will be confiscated and returned to your student to take home at the end of term.


The National Health Service

All boarders studying with us for longer than 6 months are eligible to be registered for free NHS healthcare. There are also reciprocal arrangements for shorter stay students who are from the EEC. However, we will only be able to register your student once we have received the completed medical forms. Until we receive these, we will only be able to arrange emergency treatment at hospital and there may be a charge. Once we have received the completed medical forms, your student will be registered with Dr Till, Harold Road Surgery, Hastings.


Private Insurance

Private insurance from other countries does not enable access to medical facilities in the UK. All private treatment has to be referred via the NHS General Practitioner. Private health care is not always available for patients under 18years old.


Local Facilities.

The practice where Dr Till is based is in Harold Road, Hastings which is easily accessible from the College.


The Conquest Hospital is a general hospital with an Accident and Emergency department, situated 10 minutes (by car) from the College. We ask that routine dental and eye care is carried out when your student is at home with you. However, in the case of an emergency, we are able to arrange appointments with local dentists and opticians, but there may be a charge for any treatment.


We are also able to access orthodontists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropodists and reflexologists. We will always let you know before making any appointments that may incur cost and we will ask you for an email confirming that you consent to your student having treatment.


Please feel free to contact us about your students health at any time. Our email address is ( nurse@buckswood.co.uk)


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