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Use of Technology

At Buckswood St George's we instil and foster Academic integrity in our students and their work. We believe that good academic practice is about making sure that the reader of an individual's work can easily identify their thoughts and ideas on a subject, and can distinguish them from the thoughts and ideas of others.


Academic integrity is an all-encompassing term. Universities can use it to define the good academic practice that enables every individual to demonstrate how much and what they have learned within their subject or programme of study, and that they are able to put this into practice. It also allows tutors and other students to fairly assess the extent of learning progression made by each individual, and encourages everyone to respect and acknowledge the work of others.


At Buckswood St George’s, Plagiarism is considered to be inappropriate practice and is not accepted. While we understand that this is another wide-ranging term: it can cover everything from poor study skills and a lack of understanding, to straightforward fraud in the form of intentional cheating; we ensure that every piece of student’s work is of their own creation by putting the electronic document through the plagiarism screening program.