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Disciplinary and Behavioural Stucture

Our students are all aged 17+ and are treated as the young adults they are. St George’s is a transitional space between school and university and we have designed the environment to prepare our students for the challenges of university by providing both a home, a college and a place to live your life to the fullest.


As a home

The small student faculty live and work closely together. And everyone will know your name. Many of the staff live and work with you too, so you will really feel like you’re at home with just the right amount of the love and support you need.


As a college, as a pre-university centre

Our highly qualified teachers prepare you for university and help you achieve the grades you need. At the same time the college attempts to foster in each and every student the ability to work and learn independently in preparation for life at university and beyond. This is why many of our courses include extended independent projects.


Students are also encouraged to take learning into their own hands with our Independent Learners club in which students can study hundreds of additional courses to prepare them for university. Examples include courses in Microsoft Office, Computer Programming, Time Management, Google Analytics and many, many more.


A place to live your life to the fullest

Outside of class we have a social programme which we encourage you to participate in to make the most of your time here. We also have optional classes in driving, horse riding, piano and more. Living at St George’s can offer you so much more than studying your chosen subject if you embrace life and take the boundless opportunities which are available.


A place where rules rule

While our students enjoy many freedoms at the college, these should not be taken for granted. Your well-being, as well as the wellbeing of every other student,  is of the utmost importance to me, and any action you or others take which is detrimental to this well-being will not be tolerated.


Strict rules are enforced within the college and breaking these rules will result in disciplinary proceedings which could lead to your expulsion from the college.