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A Message from the Housemaster

Here at St George’s, we all live, play and study under the same roof. We are a family and, as the Vice Principal of Welfare, I am here to be the head of that family. I am here from when you wake up, ensuring you are ready to meet the day’s challenges and make the most of your classes. I am also here when you finish your day, encouraging you to try something new, participate in activities, go on excursions and leave the college and enrich yourself. 


Our college is a place in which you can learn to become independent, making your own decisions and doing things your own way. While we will cook your meals and vacuum your room, you have the responsibility to wash your clothes, keep your room in good order and manage your time outside of class effectively, learning to balance work and play in order to succeed.  At the same time, while our students enjoy many freedoms at the college, these should not be taken for granted. Your well-being, as well as the wellbeing of every other student,  is of the utmost importance to me, and any action you or others take which is detrimental to this well-being will not be tolerated.


Outside of class we have a social programme which we encourage you to participate in to make the most of your time here. We also have optional classes in driving, horse riding, piano and more. Living at St George’s can offer you so much more than studying your chosen subject if you embrace life and take the boundless opportunities which are available.


If you are thinking about coming to stay with us, please browse our website, download a brochure, give us a call or come and pay us a  visit; we would love to hear from you.