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Terms & Conditions

These form the contract between Buckswood St George’s College ( BSTG) and the scholar’s family and/or sponsors.



1.1 The words shown in this section in bold will have the following meanings in these Contract Terms & Conditions:


Application Form

The form provided by BSTG for parents and/or guardians to complete when applying for a place for their Scholar at Buckswood St George’s College ( BSTG)


Scholar any person of any age admitted by BSTG as a scholar including anyone over the age of 18


Buckswood St George’s College (BSTG) as an entity represented by its College Director and employees


Contract Terms: these terms and conditions as periodically amended


College Director: The person appointed by the College to be responsible for the day-to-day management of the College including anyone to whom such duties have been wholly or partly delegated


Director of Studies: Senior academic staff member responsible for the College’s academic programme


Fees: Fees charged in respect of board and lodging; Standard A-Level Course Fees, University Foundation Course Fees, English Language Fees; International Baccalaureate Fees, Exam Fees, Extra subject Fees, Supplementary Fees.


Rules and Policies: Rules and policies laid down by the College in various guides and policy documents which are available from the College and which include but are not confined to rules relating to behaviour, attendance, bullying, alcohol, substance abuse and complaints


Standard Fees: Charges levied for the usual activities and curriculum of the College, including the provision of any necessary educational materials, as set out in the College’s schedule of fees available on the College website and from the College Office;


Supplementary Fees: Charges levied for all additional items not forming part of the Standard Fees such as but not confined to supplementary tuition, public examinations, instrumental music lessons, trips, visits, text books, general stationery, the provision for any special educational needs of Your Scholar and (insofar as it is reasonable for Us to so charge) the provision for any disabilities of Your Scholar;


We, Us or Buckswood St George’s College ( St George’s England Ltd) whose registered office is at Broomham Hall, Rye Road, Guestling , Hastings, East Sussex, TN351LT England;


You the person wholly or partially (if delegated) responsible as a parent or guardian of the enrolled Scholar.


1.2 These Contract Terms will govern the relationship between the College, Your Scholar and You as Your Scholar’s parents or guardians.


1.3 These Contract Terms will apply from the time We send You written acceptance of Your application for a place upon our being satisfied that We can reasonably meet any requirements identified in the information provided by You in Your completed Application Form and our receiving payment of the Deposit fee for Your Scholar, until he or she leaves the College.


1.4 The College prospectuses, information booklets and other publicity and information material together with the College Website describe the aims and objectives of the College and are intended to give an outline impression of the College and its activities only. The prospectuses, information booklets, other publicity and information material and the Website do not form part of these Contract Terms.


1.5 We operate in accordance with Rules and Policies which, insofar as they apply to Your Scholar, form part of these Contract Terms. By enrolling Your Scholar at the College. You agree to comply with them and to ensure Your Scholar complies with them at all times, this includes complying with the house rules and codes of conduct of Buckswood St George’s College which are available from the College office and are given to each Scholar on arrival.


1.6 These Contract Terms and our Rules and Policies may be changed if, in the judgment of the College the interests of the Scholars as a whole or of the College require it or if there are any changes in relevant legislation. Changes may also be made to the curriculum, the Fees and the way in which the College is run. All significant changes will be published as soon as practicable.


1.7 If any changes to these Contract Terms cause you any difficulty you should raise your concerns with Us.

Authority and exclusion

2.1 You accept that the College Director or person(s) appointed by the College Director, may take such measures as he reasonably believes to be necessary to ensure the College. Rules and Policies are respected, to maintain discipline, and to ensure the health, safety and Well-being of Your Scholar, other Scholars and members of staff.


2.2 We reserve the right to require you to remove Your Scholar or to suspend or expel your Scholar where the Manager reasonably believes:

2.2.1 Your Scholar’s attendance or progress is unacceptable;

2.2.2 Your Scholar’s behaviour, including behaviour outside the College premises, is unsatisfactory or brings the name of Buckswood St George’s College into disrepute. In making judgments on this matter We will take into account all aspects of Your Scholar’s behaviour and school record and not only those listed in the College Rules and Policies. Reasons for removal under this subparagraph may include but not be confined to the bullying of other scholars, abusive behaviour towards College staff, non-attendance without good reason and possession or Use of illegal drugs, which may result in expulsion for a first offence as an Buckswood St George’s College scholar

2.2.3 Such action would be in the best interests of Your Scholar or other scholars;




2.3 The Manager will act fairly in deciding whether Your Scholar must be removed, suspended or expelled and will wherever possible consult with You before a decision is taken. If You are unhappy with such a decision You may ask the College to review the decision in which event a review will be undertaken by one or more of the members of the College’s senior management team. The decision of these member(s) shall be final and binding on the College and You.


2.4 We reserve the right to request Scholars provide biological samples under medical supervision to test for the Use of illegal drugs/substances in accordance with Your Rules and Policies zero tolerance to drug taking.


2.5 The College reserves the right to monitor Your Scholar’s email communication and internet Use for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the College Rules and Policies.


2.6 If we require You to remove Your Scholar under paragraph 2.2 above no

2.2.4 Your behaviour is unreasonable and affects, or is likely to affect, Your Scholar’s or other scholar’s progress at the College or the safety and Well-being of College staff or is bringing the College into disrepute.


Entitlement to a refund of Fees will arise for the term in which Your Scholar leaves. In such circumstances You will not be expected to pay Fees for the following term in lieu of notice.

Our Obligations

3.1 Subject to these Contract Terms We will provide education for Your Scholar from the time of joining the College until the end of the course of study on which he or she has been enrolled.


3.2 We will exercise, during College hours and at other times when Your Scholar is permitted to be on College premises or is participating in activities organized by Us, reasonable skill and care in respect of Your Scholar’s education and Welfare. However, We do not accept any responsibility for the Welfare of a scholar away from College premises unless he or she is taking part in a College activity or is otherwise under the supervision of a member of College staff.


3.3 We will monitor Your Scholar’s academic progress and provide You with termly written reports. We will advise You if We have any concerns about Your Scholar’s progress. We do not undertake diagnosis or assessment of dyslexia or any other learning difficulties or specific conditions. Formal assessment of such matters may be arranged by You or by the College at Your expense.


3.4 We will not subject Your Scholar to corporal punishment or to physical contact. However, We may Use reasonable force to control or restrain Your Scholar from committing a criminal offence, injuring him or herself or others, damaging property or acting in a way that is contrary to the maintenance of good order and discipline at the College.


3.5 We will enter Your Scholar for public examinations provided the Manager of Studies and/or Manager is satisfied that it is in his or her best interests and all Fees owing to Us have been paid.


3.6 If You ask Us to change teaching, examination or other arrangements for Your Scholar We will do our best to meet such requests but reserve the right to refuse to do so where the change would in the Manager’s reasonable opinion be against the best interests of Your Scholar or other scholars or members of staff or where the changes are impracticable or disproportionately expensive.


3.7 The lowest English language level the school accepts is Elementary. In the event of a scholar’s ability being judged as below this on entry to the course, We require the scholar take extra individual and group language lessons at their own cost, until such time as they have reached the required level to continue with the rest of the group. We will remain in contact with You to ensure You are aware of Your Scholar’s progress.These form the contract between Buckswood St George’s College ( BSTG) and the scholar’s family and/or sponsors.

Your obligations

4 You undertake to:


4.1 advise Us of any health or other medical condition, including any infections, disabilities or allergies, developed by Your Scholar either before or after he or she is admitted to the College and to inform Us of any situations of whatever nature where special arrangements (for example dietary arrangements) may be needed in relation to Your Scholar;


4.2 seek wherever reasonably possible the prior consent of the Manager or appointed senior staff for any absence of Your Scholar from the College and set out in writing the reason for any such absence; this is primarily concerned with scholars late arrival for the start of any course or term.


4.3 encourage Your Scholar in his or her studies and provide due support;


4.4 maintain regular contact with the College where Your Scholar’s interests require it


4.5 be responsive and active when contacted by Us in regards to Your Scholar’s performance and/or attendance and;


4.6 take all measures necessary to ensure Your Scholar understands the implications of poor attendance and/or behaviour.


4.7 notify Us at all times of any change in Your address and other contact details;


4.8 pay for any damage that may be caused by Your Scholar to College property and to any other property while a scholar at the College and to reimburse the College appropriately if it has paid for damage caused by Your Scholar to property belonging to a third party.


5.1 The Fees which will apply at the time of admission of Your Scholar to the Pre University Centre are set out in the College’s schedule of fees as applicable for the year of entry. These are available from the College office and on the College Website.


5.2 Fees are payable in advance and must be received in full by the College not later than the first day of each term.


5.3 Supplementary Fees, except those relating to public examinations and at our discretion any item costing under £100, are only payable if You have been notified about them in advance and if You agree to them. We will not consult You before charging for Supplementary Fees relating to public examinations and reserve the right not to do so for individual items costing under £100.


5.4 The College schedule of fees will be reviewed from time to time and Fees may be increased by such amount as the College considers reasonable. Notice of an increase in Fees will be given before the first day of the term which proceeds the term for which the increase applies.


5.5 Unless otherwise agreed Fees are the joint responsibility of all persons who have signed the Application Form. Any agreement between such signatories and any third parties that the latter will pay the Fees will not release those who signed the form from their liabilities to pay such Fees to the College. Such agreements will not affect the operation of these Contract Terms.


5.6 Any sum tendered that is less than the sum due may be accepted by the College on account only.


5.7 Money for payment of Fees and other sums due to the College must be paid in accordance with prevailing money laundering regulations.


5.8 Fees may be paid by a credit card but in such cases the College reserves the right to levy a transaction fee. We may also levy without notice any other fee that the banks may charge the College for monetary transactions.


5.9 In the event of cancellation, the deposit plus full fees will be returned if the cancellation is due to being refused a UK entry visa. The cancellation must be made in writing at least 2 Weeks before the course starts and evidence of the embassy refusal must be provided. Cancellation for any other reason must be made in writing and received at least 2 Weeks before the start date, but the deposit will not be refunded. There is no refund if cancellation is not made in writing or is less than 2 Weeks before the start date.


5.10 While any Fees or other payments due remain unpaid or if there is persistent delay or default in relation to payments We reserve the right to:


5.10.1 Refuse to allow Your Scholar to attend the College; and

5.10.2 Withhold any references

5.11 Fees will not be reduced as a result of:

5.11.1 Your Scholar’s absence from the College whether due to illness, study leave at home, suspension or early cessation of classes due to public examinations or other reasons; and/or

5.11.2 Your Scholar joining the College after the start of the term.

5.12 If You wish to withdraw Your Scholar from the College (other than at the normal leaving date) You shall inform the Manager in writing of Your intention to do so before the first day of the term at the end of which You intend to remove Your Scholar; if less than one full term’s notice is given, the full Fees for the following term will be payable.

5.13 If You wish to cancel arrangements for on going lessons or activities for which Supplementary Fees are levied You shall inform the Manager in writing of Your intention to do so one term before the intended cancellation; if less than one terms’ notice is given half a term’s charges for the activity will be payable.


Complaints procedure

6.1 The College operates a complaints procedure a copy of which is available in our course handbook, and is available from the Administration Office. You are encouraged to inform Us should You have any concerns whatsoever regarding matters of safety, care, discipline, progress or the like, regarding Your Scholar.


6.2 If You Scholar report a complaint to You the College requests that You relay the concerns where appropriate so that a solution to the problem can be found.


Data protection, record-keeping and confidentiality

7.1 The College, which is required to hold and process personal data concerning scholars and concerning You, will take reasonable steps to do so in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


7.2 We will not normally disclose personal data without the consent of the individual concerned. However, We may do so for the following purposes:


7.2.1 To give a reference relating to Your Scholar to another school or College;

7.2.2 To publish the results of examinations or other achievements of Your Scholar;

7.2.3 To pass contact details to the parents or guardians of other scholars for non-business purposes that are to the benefit of the scholars or College (for example arranging social activities);

7.2.4 To manage and enhance relationships between the College and its scholars (both former and current); and

7.2.5 Where the College reasonably believes it is in Your Scholar’s interests to do so to third parties, for example for medical purposes, insurance purposes or to the organisers of College trips and excursions.


8 We shall take care to ensure that all information supplied relating to Your Scholar is accurate and any opinion given relating to Your Scholar is fair. We shall not be liable for any loss You or Your Scholar is alleged to have suffered resulting from statements of fact or opinions, fairly and honestly held, contained in any reference given by Us.


Photographic rights

9 We take photographs and videos of our scholars from time to time for inclusion in our prospectuses, information booklets, promotional and information material and on our Website. We reserve the right to Use such photographs and video recordings of Your Scholar while under the care and supervision of the College staff in our promotional material unless You have written to the College Director stating that You do not consent to such photographs or recordings being Used for these purposes.


Parental consents

10.1 We will obtain Your consent wherever possible before arranging any form of medical or dental treatment for Your Scholar. However, unless You have notified the College Director in writing to the contrary, You agree that if it is impracticable to obtain that consent, for instance due to lack of time, We may arrange treatment, including surgery under general anaesthetic and blood transfusions, if it is considered to be in the best interests of Your Scholar to do so.


10.2 Any medical practitioner treating Your Scholar shall have the right to inform You and the College Director and other College staff of confidential information about Your Scholar if the medical practitioner considers it to be in the best interests of Your Scholar, or necessary for the protection of other scholars to do so.


10.3 You consent to Your Scholar participating in contact sports and other normal sporting activities, which may entail some risk of physical injury, unless you notify the Manager to the contrary in writing.


10.4 You consent to Your Scholar travelling on public transport or in a motor vehicle driven by a responsible adult, duly licensed and insured, as part of College activities.


10.5 You consent to Your Scholar participating in study visits away from College within the UK.


Scholars’ property

11.1 The College does not, unless negligent, accept any responsibility for accidental or other damage or loss of Your Scholar’s personal property.


11.2 Your Scholar is responsible for the security and safe Use of his or her personal property and for ensuring all such property is clearly named.


11.3 The College is not responsible for taking out insurance cover in respect of scholars’ personal property.



12. The College does not provide nor recommend any specific insurance policy for Scholars and You are advised to seek advice regarding an insurance policy to best suit Your Scholar’s requirements.



13. We may give You any notice required by these Contract Terms by posting it to You at Your last known address. Any notice given by You under the Contract Terms should be given in writing to the College Director at the College’s campus address.


Force Majeure

14.1 In these Contract Terms “force majeure” means any cause beyond the reasonable control of the College. It includes, but is not limited to: strikes, industrial action and other industrial disputes, war, terrorist attacks and riots, compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, explosion or other accidents, vandalism, fire, floods, storms, earthquakes or other natural disasters or extreme Weather conditions, outbreak, pandemic, epidemic or spread of any disease, disorder or medical conditions, or any serious risk thereof and interruption or failure of any utility service (including but not limited to, electricity, gas or water).


14.2 If force majeure arises and prevents or delays the College’s performance of any of its obligations under these Contract Terms, the College will as soon as reasonably practicable give You notice in writing specifying the nature and extent of the circumstances giving rise to the force majeure. Provided the College has acted reasonably and prudently to prevent and minimise the effect of the force majeure, the College will not be liable for failing to perform or delaying performance of those obligations that are prevented by the force majeure or by any measures taken by the College to protect the health and Wellbeing of scholars and staff, including, but not limited to:


14.2.1 Closing the College in whole or in part;

14.2.2 Sending some or all scholars home from the College;



Change of ownership

15 We reserve the right, for the purposes of constitutional changes or amalgamation, to transfer the undertaking of the College to any other natural or legal person, and to assign the benefit of the Contract Terms in connection with any such transfer and/or amalgamation.


Third party rights

16 Nothing in these Contract Terms or any changes thereto will create any rights for third parties under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999. This will not affect any rights of third parties that exist apart from under the Act.



17 If any clause in these Contract Terms is found to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, that will not affect the enforceability of the rest.


Jurisdiction and applicable law

18 These Contract Terms are made at the College and are governed exclusively by English law and You and We agree that the Courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with these Contract Terms.