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Do I need to wear a uniform?

St George’s is a College and as such we believe we are a bridge between school and university. Therefore we do not have a formal uniform policy; however we do have College shirts that students are expected to wear for lessons and sports tops for activities. Students should be smartly dressed during class time (no jeans, sports clothes etc), outside of class times students are permitted to wear whatever they wish as long as the attire does not cause offense. Students must not wear night wear in the communal areas.


Can I bring my own bed linen?

The College will provide all linen which is changed every two weeks. We do not provide towels. Students are encouraged to make their room their own and may use their own bed linen if they wish.


Do I need to bring my own computer?

Whilst the College does have computers available for students to use we would advise that each student bring a laptop for their own personal use. Insurance for such items is the responsibility of the individual.


What is the amp/wattage for the UK?

The United Kingdom uses 3 pin, 13amp, 220 – 240volt plugs. Adapters can be purchased locally so your equipment will work correctly.


Can I cook my own food?

The College provides all food at all times, however this is a small student kitchen in each house which contains basic equipment and students are welcome to prepare their own meals here if they wish.


What do I do if there is food I cannot eat?

The College caters for all diets and regularly ask students for feedback so that meals suit the students. If a student dislikes, or is allergic to a specific food type we encourage the student to make this know to the staff so that alternatives can be made available.


Will I get my own room?

The College has single, twin and multi-bedded rooms available. Early booking is the only way to ensure a specific room type is available to you.  The majority of students will be accommodated in single rooms, however those students arriving late in the term may share with others students until a single room becomes available.


Do I have to go to all my classes?

Yes is the simple answer. As well as class results (both predicted and scored) the College produces weekly attendance records and half term / full term reports. All these are made available to agents and parents. In addition students on the Foundation Course must maintain a 95% attendance average to pass the course.


Students falling below 95% attendance in any week will be interviewed by the Director of Studies to ascertain if there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Repeated absence from class will result in agents / parents being contacted and, in extreme cases, students will be suspended.


What clothes do I need to bring?

The United Kingdom is positioned in the flow of many weather systems!  We have warm and dry weather from Europe and North Africa and cold and wet weather from the Arctic and Atlantic. This is why the phrase ‘four seasons in one day’ is used frequently. Students should remember that from September to November our weather is usually wet and chilly, with highest temperatures around 8 degrees, from December to March the weather can be very cold, ranging from 0 to 3 degrees (we sometimes drop into minus figures), from April to June the weather becomes much drier and temperatures increase to around 24 degrees.  Students are encouraged to bring a range of clothes but especially thick jumpers, coats, and waterproof jackets for the first and second term.


In addition we also recommend students bring older clothes so they can take part in outdoor activities and smart suits for when they attend university interviews.


Is there wifi?

Yes, there is wifi throughout all buildings which is free for students to use.  The College reserves the right to close down the wifi overnight during weekdays if we feel that students are not showing sensible sleep patterns and are accessing sites deemed unsuitable.


Are there things to do in Hastings?

Hastings is a vibrant seaside town with a large student population. There are many bars, clubs and restaurants in the town as well as a small shopping centre. There is one mainstream cinema as well as a theatre. The older part of town has a small independent cinema as well as art galleries and boutiques.  Hastings is also the home of The Source, Europe’s largest indoor BMX and skate-board park which is 5 minutes walk from the College. We also have two sports centres within 8 minutes walk and the train station can transport students direct to Brighton in 45 minutes and London in 90 minutes.


Does the College arrange activities?

Yes, the College arranges one main excursion each term as well as smaller weekend trips and evening activities. Recent excursions have included a trip to Thorpe Park theme park, a day trip to learn water-skiing, visit to the BMW Mini production plant and a visit to Harry Potter world. Students are encouraged to tell staff their interests so that activities can be tailored to students likes. We can also arrange driving lessons and flying lessons.


Where is Buckswood St George’s College?

The campus is located in a quiet residential area in the town centre of Hastings.


What type of visa do I need?

The visa you will need will depend on your country of origin, your age and which course you will be studying. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your visa requirements.


When should I arrive?

After successfully applying you will receive an offer letter which will state the first day of term. Lessons begin on this day. Students are encouraged to arrive 2- 3 days before this, so they can get settled in. Please contact the college office: to discuss your arrival details.


How will I get from the airport to Buckswood St George’s College?

We can arrange a private taxi transfer for you, or if you prefer you can use public transport from London Gatwick which has trains going directly to Hastings train station, or students can travel from Heathrow via Lincoln Victoria or London Charing Cross mainline train stations which also have direct route, to Hastings.


What will my room be like?

We have single and twin rooms. Some are en-suite whilst others share toilets and shower rooms between 2/3. AII rooms are furnished with bed, chest of drawers, desk/table, chair and additional clothes storage. Single rooms can be reserved so early booking is essential to reserve these.


How far away is London?

London is best reached by train from Hastings which is a journey of approximately, 90 minutes. Other cities nearby include Brighton (45 minutes) and Canterbury (60 minutes)


What will I eat at the college?

We provide all students with breakfast, Lunch and dinner. All the food is freshly prepared on site each day by our chef. We offer a wide variety of meals but would always welcome student suggestions. Please inform the college if you have any dietary requirements.


What will the other students be like?

Buckswood St George’s College is fully international. We accept students from around the world and in recent years have had students from France, Germany, China, Thailand, Spain, Russia, India, Italy, Chile, Ukraine, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong.


We encourage English to be spoken throughout the college; this not only helps improve language skills but removes barriers and gives students the means to build friendships with people from around the world.


Where can l go after Buckswood St George’s College?

The academic courses at Buckswood St George’s College are designed to prepare you for university, whether this is in the UK or at home. We offer full guidance on the UK University admissions process and support you throughout the process.


This year all of our graduating students went home knowing they, had an offer of a place at a UK university for September. Please see our success page for details of where they are all going. Please do not hesitate to contact the college with any other questions you may have.