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A Message from the Vice Principal of Academic Studies

Buckswood St George's College is a vibrant, ambitious and pioneering educational pre-university centre which is part of the Buckswood Family, one of Britain's top Independent Boarding School, Buckswood School, and is located in the heart of Hastings in East Sussex. Our small but effective college is in the centre of this ancient seaside town famous for its unique culture with links to London and many main UK airports.


We specialise in first class university entrance education and professional pastoral care; ensuring that your Son or Daughter has the best opportunity to succeed in their academic goals.


Our experienced and top qualified teachers and lectures understand the needs of young students, how to motivate and promote success for their future. We hold close links to Russel Group, Oxbridge and International Universities and will assist in the complex University admissions process.


We offer traditional two tears A levels (Advanced level qualification) courses combined with IELTS training (International English Language Testing System) necessary for University entrance.


We also offer Maths GCSE, various international languages, LAMDA and a comprehensive range of Cambridge English Language exams including KET and PET.


We are very pleased to offer our unique University Foundation Course in connection with the famous Royal Holloway University in London. This Business Management course is accepted in most of the major Universities in the country for Business and Management Degrees.


Our college has been the centre for leadership for over 10 years and all of our scholars regularly visit convenient centres of excellence in the City in London, Parliament and International businesses in the South East of England.


I invite you to browse this website, downloads our prospective and contact us here at Buckswood St George’s to begin your uniquely crafted and inspiring journey to a future of success and happiness.


Mr Ancor Hayes

Academic Principal

St George’s College


A Message from the Assistant Director of Studies – The St George’s teaching Team

A place where learning takes place whether it be a nursery; school, college or university, is not about the bricks and mortar of the building, but the people who work in and the individuals who benefit from them.


The teaching team and support staff who work here at Buckswood St George’s are the mentors to all of the students who live and study here. We are privileged to be trusted to impart, enthuse, enlighten and educate individual. We aim to inspire them to want to learn not because they have to but because they want to.


At Buckswood St George’s teacher is more than an imparter of facts or knowledge. Here we teach students not only to pass exams, but to equip them with a deeper understanding and a greater appreciation of their subjects from an international perspective.


The staff at Buckswood St George’s hold world experience and expert qualifications. Our teachers hold experience of their subjects in the commercial environments; are industry mentors with practical knowledge of the real world and hold international experience. It is very important to us that our teachers teach with an open-minded approach to education and know what it is like to find yourself in another country where people are not speaking your language.


We select staff who are passionate about achieving the best for every student in their care, getting to know every student as an individual and knowing how to provide them with the best learning experience and as a result getting the most from the student them self.


At Buckswood St George’s teachers are regularly observed and have an active career development program. We believe that learning is a lifelong journey. Teachers are mentors, leaders and guides; they shape a person’s life, no matter the age of the student. We believe that if our teachers are learning then so are our students. We view each moment as an opportunity to learn and develop as well rounded, passionate and mindful citizens of the planet.


Harriet Lauren Darbyshire

Assistant Director of Studies

Buckswood St George’s