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Independent Learning Programme

Independent learning is a process, a method and a philosophy of education whereby a learner acquires knowledge by his or her own efforts and develops the ability for enquiry and critical evaluation.


St George’s independent learning program is a vital part of the college academic programme and is viewed as both a study and life skill which reaches beyond the classroom; in particular to aid their transition to the next step at University; that needs fostering and nurturing within the students. St George’s teachers teach, guide and strive to promote independent learning so that students are provided with the tools to become self-motivating; self-sufficient learners who as enabled to hold autonomy, control and responsibility for their own individual learning journey.


In addition to the Independent learning program, St George’s also holds accredited courses available and opportunities to build extra UCAS points to give the student’s CV and personal statements a certain unique ˜wow” factor and really stand out from the crowd. Working at their own pace and building a programme that suits the career path and interests of each student, Access Time is part of the St George’s added value program where the sole aim is to make every scholar who passes through the college the very best version of themselves.


Independent Learning Program