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Our Ethos

Our College mission is to provide a conducive environment for young people with a range of abilities between the ages of 16 and 25 to study for and gain the necessary qualifications to achieve entry to further education. The College delivers academic university foundation courses and English language courses and offer a leisure programme that is student focused and adapted to suit the interests, numbers and career ambitions of the resident students.


Respect, Tradition, Integrity and Honour. The legend under the regal lions on St George’s coat of arms reads “Ad Vitam Paramus” or “We prepare for life”.


At St George’s we recognise that every scholar is an individual, born with a unique set of talents and abilities. The net of opportunity is cast so wide that as a talent is discovered, it is matured and cultivated so that every scholar’s potential is fully realised.


St George’s does not recognise the concept of the average pupil; there is no box-ticking template to be followed here because every scholar will be treated differently, with an education tailored to his or her own aptitudes.


St George’s instills a can-do spirit of adventure in its scholars who are willing to try something new, understanding that failure is not to be feared, knowing that new experiences make richer people. A wealth of stimulating and thought-provoking activities and opportunities are complemented by traditional classroom studies. The St George’s approach opens the mind and produces well-rounded and interesting individuals- learners today, leaders tomorrow.


A St George’s education teaches scholars not only to be confident but also to be persuasive and impressive in a public forum, to be a leader rather than a mere follower, they strive to stand out in a crowd, being comfortable in their own skin without having to fit into any particular box. Success is the only outcome.