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About Us

Buckswood St George's College is very much part of its own cosmopolitan environment, and elegant centre of excellence on the hill above Victorian Hastings.


Established fifteen years ago, Buckswood St George’s College is far more than a factory turning out good English speakers. Students not only perfect the language, but also specialise in A-Levels of their choice or a University Foundation Course.


Students come from all over the world and spend a year or two preparing themselves for that coveted place at a British University. Buckswood St George’s College is a stepping stone, a halfway house between school and that university. A glance across the wood-panelled dining room shows a smiling, polite, honest and considerate group of Russians, Chinese, Libyans, Belgians, Kazakhs, Armenians, French, Germans, Uzbeks, Saudis and Koreans, all happy to be there, happy to be with each other: an idealistic world society in microcosm, immersing themselves in British Culture.


Academic results are so good not only due to the excellent teaching. but also because of our family atmosphere and focus on British culture and traditions. There are trips to London, Oxford and Cambridge, and being affiliated to nearby Buckswood School with all its facilities and specialist academic staff there are limitless opportunities for team sports and extra-curricular activities.


Buckswood St George’s College recognises that students between the ages of 17-22 need to be treated as young adults in their own right; as such we recognise that they response to a more rounded and friendly experience. We pride ourselves on a quiet academic atmosphere where students understand the advantages of developing and maturing in a controlled yet relaxed environment. We are not so much a school away from home, but a school within a home.